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Carmen was pioneering the field of support for independent musicians even before there was such a field ... and, still after it, I might add, with a commitment that is beyond reproach. She graces her radio shows and podcasts with that trademark buttery smooth voice and inherently encouraging warmth. Anything done in this life brings more of the same into the world. So, if you like the stars you're seeing and hearing these days - well, thank your lucky stars ... and of course, Carmen.  ~ Indie Artist and Cartoonist RJ Ballard

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Sam & Crunchy Ringtonez

sam and crunchy ringronez
Sam and Crunchy  belt it out in a language animal lovers can relate to. The perfect icebreaker at a party or on your first date.  Make a lasting impression during that all important job interview when your cell phone rings.
Just think of the possibilities!

    Available in Pop, Blues, Rock

$0.70 each or all 3 for only $1.95!

Give them a listen...

Sam and Crunchy w/ Love The New Crave

Sam and Crunchy w/ The Last Flight Out

Sam and Crunchy w/ RJ Ballard

You bring out the animal in me ... Click on Phone to purchase ...


We're more than just a pretty website. The pics are links to some of our most popular pages: How to Submit Music, The Band Directory gives you the skinny on some of our featured artists with links to sample and buy their music, check out videos, and get the inside scoop. Indie Music Wave and The Colorado Wave are our two primary radio shows.  The Recipes for Life page is full of great vegetarian recipes. Have at it!

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Every Wednesday at 11am PST, Radio Producer, Carmen Allgood, Music Industry Specialist and Author, David Barber, and General Manager, Indie 104 iRadio LA, Mark Maverick, share decades of experience with hundreds of thousands of listeners from all over the world about the ins and outs of the music industry. Spinning great music by indie bands, and interviews with people in the biz. Join us in the Chat Room and believe every word!

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As a Contributing Writer for Sydney, Australia - Carmen's articles revolve around the most popular 4-letter word in the world. Millions of people seeking alternative news and a fresh perspective tap in to this amazing publication.

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Everyone gets stuck and needs help to heal and clear from the turmoil we sometimes experience while we make our journey through this world. The 3 Guides at Highest Self Healing have what it takes to help you release and overcome obstacles. Stop by and check them out - they are here for you!

The pics are direct links to favorites here: The Band Directory Ads are a lifetime ad for bands/artists to help them rise and shine in this complicated music business. The Golden Wave Awards spotlights people who deserve recognition for their work. Nominate someone, even yourself, for this prestigious award! And check out our Wave Store! Make a donation if you love our shows and want to help us keep moving in the right direction. You can even purchase a Band Directory Ad as a gift for your favorite artist!

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